This Sadness

This sadness grew inside me


like a second skin


In a Foreign Language

In foreign language a mere sentence utters like a poem's verse, mysterious, retains a taste of wandering on the lips. The tone strung its cords from the heart's core into the Sky covered with yearning lanes The words take off, away they fly like plains like erring satellites, Yet when I said I will return […]


The München Cycle

I thought about the things Images go mad, they never stop, Someone could have been mistaken thinking that it's in the power of the grass war crimes to cover up.


* *

I'm watching. Tracking very disturbed yet polite. The same bothering Issue, in front of the Monument a sudden rain, hasitantly he hands me out a papper tissue.



Thereafter along the drawing way I was torn into the green trees, I turn my face see the the greish Sky, thin paths like silvery lace I hasten to pass by, A Land so green from my Parents blood.


Polish Forest

I hear a forest out of the wood paneled wall and see a hut likely a wolf crossed the path. My grandmother lay in the snow that up the window piled urging my mother to escape into those woods letting the people stick like mushrooms to their roots. On the day when my mother of […]


My Father

My father
was a Zionist
and Zion did not ask
after him